About Fecon Forestry

Crane Hill’s Fecon Forestry mulchers use carbide tipped hammers allowing the operator to make direct contact with the ground. The blades grind and flatten the remaining material, mixing the mulch into the soil.

Forestry Mulching Applications

Crane Hill Contracting LLC can remove invasive species, clear damaged forests and tame overgrown pastures. We have experience building trails and managing wildlife habitats. Trust Crane Hill Forestry Mulching to handle any forestry mulching needs. When you need to clear land of brush and trees, please call us at (860) 428-5228.

Brush Clearing

Crane Hill Contracting’s Brush Clearing will use our brush mulching machines to actually ‘mulch’ your unwanted brush using our forestry mulchers.

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Pasture Reclamation

Crane Hill Contracting uses a forestry mulching solution to clear your pasture, where the mulch is left behind to decompose which helps prevent erosion that could carry away much-needed nutrients.

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Invasive Species Removal

Turn that invasive species into mulch with Forestry Mulching from Crane Hill Contracting and provide nutrients for your plants instead, keeping your property healthy and green.

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Storm Damage Cleanup

When disaster strikes, count on Crane Hill Contracting to come in and remove your heavy storm damage. Or consider clearing your land before the storms come.

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Land Management

Don’t take a risk and cause damage to your property, especially if you have pipes or cables underground. Choose the professionals at Crane Hill Contracting for an expert job.

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Trail Creation

Do you own wooded acreage that you would like to put to good use? Consider trail clearing to make use of that beautiful wooded area.

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July 30th, 2021
Tips for taking care of your new plantings

Not everyone is born with a green thumb but thankfully there are tips, hacks, and tricks to keep your plants alive and thriving. Understanding the needs of your plants will lead to reduced stress, cleaner air, and a happier environment.

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Forestry Mulching Mansfield CT Coventry CT
June 22nd, 2021
About Forestry Mulching

Call Crane Hill Contracting LLC when you want efficient land clearing and forestry mulching Mansfield CT, Coventry CT. Owner Ben Lacy is experienced clearing overgrown land from invasive species, thick underbrush, and thinning established forests. Our Fecon forestry mulcher is a powerful machine that grinds woody brush, depositing the mulch into the soil.

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January 9th, 2018
Excavating Mansfield CT, Coventry CT

Contact Ben Lacy of Crane Hill Contracting LLC when you have land that needs excavating Mansfield CT, Columbia CT. There are many land management projects that require excavation. We do construction site work, digging out foundations, preparing a pool site, pond dredging, drainage, moving earth and rock for walkways, driveways, patios and retaining walls.

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