Pasture Reclamation

Pasture reclamation is the process of restoring degraded or underutilized pastures to their original state or improving them for more productive use.

When you have land that you wish to use as pasture, the main goal is soil fertility. Many times, the field is simply bulldozed, moving unwanted trees and vegetation into piles that are either burned or hauled away. If the pile is burned, it can severely damage the topsoil layer, taking years to recover. Hauling can create unwanted traffic across the new field areas which can compact the topsoil layer and create ruts, in addition to being very costly.

The process involves identifying the causes of degradation or underuse, which may be due to overgrazing, erosion, compaction, nutrient depletion, or invasive species, among others. The next step is to implement appropriate measures such as rotational grazing, soil management, fertilization, weed control, and reseeding to restore or improve the pasture. The aim is to increase forage productivity, improve soil health, maintain plant diversity, and enhance animal health and welfare. Reclaimed pastures can also sequester carbon and mitigate the effects of climate change. Effective pasture reclamation requires careful planning, monitoring, and evaluation to ensure sustainable and long-term benefits for both the ecosystem and the economy.

Crane Hill Contracting helps you with this process by getting the pasture into a more usable state. Crane Hill Forestry Mulching uses a forestry mulching solution to clear your pasture, where the mulch is left behind to decompose which helps prevent erosion that could carry away much-needed nutrients. The decomposing mulch also creates a more fertile soil. Our low impact equipment is much better for the topsoil and we can easily do in a day as much as bulldozers and backhoes, and usually more. At the end of our day, the worked area is finished, providing a ready-to-use area. No need to remove any debris. Be smart and use the environment provided to help your pasture come to life. Contact Crane Hill Contracting today!