Storm Damage Cleanup

We have all seen it, even perhaps experienced it. Tropical Storm Isaias, Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Irene - memories of these and other storms are in our recent memory. Storm damage can come from many different angles: lightning strikes, heavy winds, tornados, and flooding are some of the most common.

Storm damage cleanup by Crane Hill Forestry can help mitigate the aftermath of a severe weather event. Mitigation of storm damage the removal of downed trees and debris. In most cases, cleanup efforts should begin as soon as possible to prevent further damage, mold growth, or other secondary effects. It’s important to prioritize safety during cleanup, especially if the damage includes hazards such as downed power lines or contaminated water. Homeowners and business owners often choose to partner with experienced storm damage cleanup professionals who have the equipment, expertise, and manpower necessary to handle the challenges posed by unpredictable weather events.