Trail Creation

Do you own wooded acreage that you would like to put to good use? Consider trail clearing to make use of that beautiful wooded area.

Trail clearing offers many benefits:

  • Wide Trail: Turn the narrow walking paths to a usable broad space that allow you to walk or even drive on.
  • Wildfire Prevention: These wider paths can also serve as firebreaks, something to slow or stop wildfires. The created paths can protect your land and structures.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Trail clearing by Crane Hill Contracting produces no debris piles. Instead, we leave behind a fertile mulch that supports the local ecosystem. Most people leave it on the newly created trail to prevent erosion.
  • Add Value: When you decide to sell your property, well-established trails will boost the value and allow others to enjoy the natural setting.
  • Save time and effort by allowing Crane Hill Contracting to use our forestry mulching techniques to clear those paths so you can enjoy walking, biking, ATV riding and more on the land you paid for.